Everlx’s main product VCSEL is the abbreviation of vertical cavity surface emitting laser. It is a semiconductor based laser diode that differs from traditional LED and edge emitting lasers that emit light from the top and side. The VCSEL can emit more efficient beams vertically from its surface.

Benefit by the fact that the light emitted by VCSEL is perpendicular to the laser surface, Everlx can gather tens of thousands of VCSEL on a single wafer and adjust the number of VCSEL arrangements according to customer requirements. Compared with other lasers, VCSEL can be directly tested on the wafer because of its configuration characteristics, thus improving controllability and ensuring higher yield and lower cost.

Everlx provides consumers with greater output power and more stable long-term reliability. These excellent features are derived from the excellent design and technology of Everlx, which places hundreds of independent light sources in a single module in the form of two-dimensional array. At the same time, Everlx can provide customized services to match the best application requirements with the scale of output power under the condition of using only one driver and driving current.