Everlx’s main product, VCSEL, is the abbreviation for vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL), a laser diode based on compound semiconductors such as gallium arsenide (GaAs).Other common semiconductor Light sources include the EEL, Edge emitting Laser, which emits Light from the side, and the LED, which emits Light from the top and side.

Benefit from the launch of the laser light is perpendicular to the surface, a single wafer can be gathered tens of thousands of VCSEL, also can adjust the arrangement of VCSEL according to customer’s requirements. Compared with other laser, VCSEL can be directly on the wafer testing because of its configuration properties, so as to improve the controllability, guarantees the higher yield and lower cost.

Everlx provides consumers with greater output power and more stable long-term reliability. These excellent features are derived from the excellent design and technology of Everlx, which places hundreds of independent light sources in a single module in the form of two-dimensional array. At the same time, Everlx can still provide customized services to match the best application requirements with the scale of output power under the condition of using only one driver and driving current.

Because the VCSELs has the characteristic of the electro-optical characteristics, make its frequency range can be adjusted to more than 25 Gbps, is an ideal choice of high-speed communication and precise sensing. In terms of communication, VCSEL technology already has been used in the communications industry for more than 15 years, mainly to serve the data infrastructure connection. In recent years, VCSEL is on a large scale into the facial recognition, no touch sensing and gesture recognition, etc. Specific to mobile devices, through the VCSEL chip to emit light invisible to the naked eye, then by the infrared camera to capture facial infrared lattice, Generated 3D image with depth.